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10 Main Problems of Wet Wood

Wet Wood| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

10 main problems of wet wood

Nowadays, wood productions become much more popular among people. The productions such as tables, cabinets, library shelf and etc. the dried wood are the main capital of carpenters because it can help them to work better, and drying wood is complex work. In this article, we are going to know what difficulty a wet wood would make us and how we can manage it. As everybody knows, the foundation of some industries which are working with wood is dried wood and wet wood would probably not be practical for them. The main question that arises to the people is why do we have to dry woods? Here we will discuss 10 main problems of wet wood and say some examples of them

Wet wood

The wood has moisture inside of itself which during the growing of that, it feeds from that to grow. Assuming you cut a tree and want to use it for carpentry, this wood which still is humid and does not remove the humidity of that known as wet wood.

10 main problems of wet wood| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

10 prime issues of moist wood

1) Reshaping:

The first problem occurs is resizing because when the wood is wet and we work on it, it will reform after finishing the work. This is because of the water inside the wood. Consequently, we will see a wood that becomes curved or sometimes it is fractured. Therefore, it is essential that we dry the wood before starting to work.


2) Resizing:

Another significant problem is resizing since the wood is like a sponge. If the wood has the water inside of itself, the size of that is bigger than the time it loses the water. This resizing makes some problems in connections of wood. Consequently, the work would probably be loosed which sometimes could be hard to repair and we have to throw away that work.

3) Lack of cohesion between the glue and wood:

In most situations, the cohesion of wood to another is not good because the wetness of wood does not let the glue work very well. Thus, the wood is separated easily. So, it is recommended that use dried wood before sticking.

10 main problems of wet wood| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

4) Painting:

Most colors are not compatible with humidity. When you paint an undried wood, it would definitely become layered. So, do not draw wood when it is wet.

5) Resistances:

There are some resistances which wood has, these resistances are including Tensile strength, Bending strength and Torsional resistance. Assuming you want to create something using wood to tolerate a huge weight. if the wood was not dried, it will be curved as the wet reduce its resistance.

6)Β  Weight:

The wet wood is generally heavier than dried wood. So, this can make some problems like during conveying, or at the factory. Instead of shipping say1 ton wet wood by means of lory, the lory can transfer 1.5 ton dried wood. Both of them are the same weight. Β Furthermore, at the factory, workers can easily use them. For instance, laborers can easily sand and grate the light wood.

7) Screwing:

The screwing of dried wood is easier than wet wood and keeps the nail and screw better than the humid wood

8) Fungous:

The wet wood is the best place to grow fungous because it is the source of moisture. Fungous require humidity to grow, and when the wood is wet, it is the best place for them. However, dried wood does not have fungous. The main problem that fungous causes create is the color of wood because normally the color of wood, say orange tree, is between white and yellow, but if a tree has fungous, the color of that become blue. However, this color can be also used in some fine art and handicraft.

9) Termites:

The main reason to dry the wood is to kill termites inside of that. Termites are interested in attacking wet wood. Therefore, if we want to remove these pests and other kinds of pests living inside of a wood, we can dry the wood. This work assists us to kill a huge number of them.

10) Mixing with Epoxy resin:

To date, the epoxy resin industry has grown quickly and the producers are trying to boost their resin production. Consequently, most of their product is with a piece of wood and design it with various models like the ocean, rivers, special and so on. Hence, if we want to use create woodcraft mixed with resin, the wood should not use humid because it can make the resin destroyed. Therefore, before using a piece of wood with resin, we send it in to the furnace to stay for almost 3 days so that the moisture of that become dried utterly. Β 


In conclusion, after cutting a tree, the wood has moisture inside of itself. This humidity can destroy the wood and the objects which are going to develop with that wood. Consequently, it is essential that we dry the wood before using it in our work. We should not use wet wood. If we do not do it, we have to throw away that object because it could be laborious to repair .

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