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Advantages and disadvantages of walnut wood

As a rule, wood plays an integral part in woodcraft, which means that the material, quality, stability and durability of wood are significant. There are some kinds of good wood, but in this article, we are going to explain some advantages and disadvantages of walnut tree.

Advantages of walnut wood

  • Walnut wood is strong and durable and is impact resistant.
  • Its weight is so low
  • paintability
  • Its texture is beautiful
  • It has a uniform fiber.
  • Walnut wood is semi-hard and has a high thickness.
  • Those who work with this type of wood are satisfied since working with this is easy
  • it is easy to carve and make any shape with this wood.

Disadvantages of walnut wood

  • One of the main drawbacks of this wood is the price of that because it has high quality and unique design. So, it is expensive in comparison with other kinds of wood.
  • Furthermore, since we are going to create an epoxy table, we have to cut the primer parts of the wood.
  • This wood does not possess a compact texture and produces air by itself.
  • Regarding the thickness of walnut wood, it is necessary to know that if the diameter of the wood is 2 cm and it is made of epoxy and a live table, the probability of wood cracking is high.

Shape and color of wood

Totally, walnut wood has a cute texture and smooth surface. So, it could probably be suitable to make some modern decoration.

According to the color of this wood, it is almost brown, although some parts of this wood are seen in dark brown, light, red and gray. Moreover, over time, the color of the wood gets lighter. It can change when it is prone to sunlight.

Another reason for losing the color is that to dry the wood, the wood is steamed, which makes the wood change color and turn gray.

Application of walnut wood

Walnut wood is utilized to create musical instruments, furniture, flooring, and building facades, decorative handicrafts. Moreover, we use this wood for woodcarving and mosaics due to its carving properties.

Types of walnut wood

Generally speaking, walnut wood has several models, and we are going to describe some of them. Walnut wood contains English, white and chlorine. English tree is used to cover green space. White trees such as alder and spruce and its color are light and brittle brown.


In Almas turkey, we produce epoxy resin tables using walnut wood with various types of models. Customers can customize the model they want. For example, Almas turkey introduces some scheme of this wood to customers then customers select the walnut wood they want to make an epoxy resin.

You can see our production in almas turkey.

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