General Information

Nowadays, there is some general information which we should know about tables, resin, wood and so on. For example, the type of wood which we use in our work, or what is the resin. In order to answer these questions, we decided to make a category for them and explain them here.

In this category, we mostly try to put some beneficial information about tables and resin tables. Consequently, we could probably improve the knowledge of those who would like to know about this field.

Here, you can see some common examples of general information:

Wood cleaning

Wood cleaning is one of the main works that we should do before making a table or even woodcraft. if the wood becomes dirty or irregular, the work will probably not be beautiful. As a result, here we are going to explain the process of cleaning and preparing the wood so that it can be good to use in a handicraft.

Causes Of Resin Epoxy Not Drying

According to the causes of resin epoxy not drying, when the resin is not dried, it makes an important problem. As a result, the process of making a table will be stopped. So, we resolve this problem first before doing other phases. In this article, we are going to explain some reasons for that.

What is resin?

One of the amazing materials is rein which is sticky and transparent, it is dissolved in alcohol although water is not able to dissolve it.

Finally, if you want to enhance your knowledge about the table or epoxy resin, this category is fine for you.