Main Materials

According to the category of the main materials, we mostly talk about the certain substance we use to produce epoxy resin tables. When we want to produce a table, we need some basic materials such as wood, mold, the sanding machine, resin and so on.

Type of wood

as a rule, we have so many kinds of wood such as pine olive maple, etc, but we use just some of them to manufacture a resin table. The wood we use should have high quality and stability and durability and beauty. There are some good woods we use:

walnut wood

walnut wood has good quality and stability to create a table. Also, it has special beauty when we use it in a table. Walnut wood has a cute texture and smooth surface. So, it could probably be suitable to make some modern decoration.

According to the color of this wood, it is almost brown, although some parts of this wood are seen in dark brown, light, red and gray. Moreover, over time, the color of the wood gets lighter. It can change when it is prone to sunlight.

Oak tree

Oak tree is one of the trees which has good wood as well as oka. This wood has good features like stability and durability, also oka can be a good thing for the herbal treatment. the shape of leaves is special and can absorb others’ attention.


What is resin?

One of the amazing materials is rein which is sticky and transparent, it is dissolved in alcohol although water is not able to dissolve it.

There are two main types of resin:

Β 1) Natural resin: From plants and trees in the shape of sap we can take natural resins. For example, pine sap.

2)Synthetic resin: In the lab using chemical compounds we can make the resin. By means of combining β€œresin” and β€œhardener”, we can reach resin.



Other materials we will use to create a new resin table can be added to this collection.