In this category, we are going to talk about the production of Almas turkey. as you know, Almas turkey has some resin productions, each of them is created in a particular way. Also, each of them has special materials, design, color, size, and so on. For instance, we have 7 categories called ocean to table, river table, sun table, live edge and table and bench

Ocean Table

One of the significant categories is the ocean table which is popular among customers. Almas turkey creates this table using a wood slap and resin. Also, we use foam to make waves, and we utilize sand to create a beautiful beach. Furthermore, the process of creating this resin table is complex, which means that it could be amazing for customers to know about it.

River Table

River table is another kind of table which almas turkey produce. It has a particular beauty because of the colors and the wood it has. Also, the size of this table is customizable. Consequently, customers can say the table they want.

Sun Design

Sun design is created to illustrate sunset. Its scheme is completely special because we tried to show the sun and its rays. Also, we use different colors of resin between the rays such as blue to simulate the sky or transparent resin.

Special Design

Special Design creates using some regular pieces of wood located in a table.Β  The model and the wood are customizable.

Live Edge

As its name dictated, this product has the live edge which can show a sense of naturality to customers. Almas Turkey mostly uses the edge of the wood as the edges of the table

Table and bench

This product is suitable for those who want to have a beach with the design of their table. Having a bench doubles the attraction of a table because it is a bench produced for that table and is completely unique.


Finally, if we want to add a new production, we will talk about that here. All of our products customize according to the customers’ opinions which means that customers order a table with the design and material they want