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Causes of Resin Epoxy Not Drying

Causes Of Resin Epoxy Not Drying | Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey

Causes Of Resin Epoxy Not Drying

According to the causes of resin epoxy not drying, when the resin is not dried and remains jelly, it could make an important problem. As a result, the process of making a table will be stopped. So, we resolve this problem first before doing other phases. In this article, we are going to explain some reasons for that.

1) Improper combination of resin and hardener

First and foremost, when we want to make a resin, the ratio plays an essential role. We have to pour hardener and resin in a ratio of 1 to 2 before compounding them. Furthermore, when we are pouring hardener, we have to be careful since it makes a resin hard. Consequently, it plays an integral role in making good resin. Significantly, If we pour less, the resin will not harden well,

2) Wetness of the resin container

The wetness of the resin container is another paramount reason to gain a good resin. We have to clean and dry the container of resin before pouring resin into that. As a result, the res the resin and hardener would definitely be combined well.

Moreover, the main question is if we see a dried resin or fresh resin substance in the container, what should we do? In the former, we have to remove completely the piece of resin because it destroys the resin which we want to pour. According to the latter, it does not make an insoluble problem, so we can pour new resin on it.

3) Wrong measure of resin and hardener

We have to use a scale so that we can use an exact amount of resin and hardener in order to mix them together precisely.

Causes Of Resin Epoxy Not Drying | Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey

4) Compatible paint

Generally speaking, compatibility of resin color is important because when the color is not compatible, then it is likely that our resin would not be dried well.

5) The environment temperature

The environment temperature should be appropriate to create the resin. Totally, we have two temperatures. Firstly,

When the environment temperature is cold, then in this case the resin dries later, and if it is hot, then it is likely that the resin shrinks. Thus, it will be deteriorated. The equal temperature to manufacture the resin is between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius.

6) Resin expiration date

If we use out-of-date resin, it will be not dried. Consequently, when we want to purchase the resin, we must pay attention to its expiration date of the resin.

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