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Chipboard vs. MDF

MDF vs Chipboard| Epoxy Table|Almas Turkey

Chipboard vs. MDF

Chipboard vs. MDF, One of the main questions is what is different between Chipboard and MDF? Also, when people want to buy a woody object such as a bed or cabinets, they would like to know that it is created by means of MDF or Chipboard. Here, we are going to explain both of them and compare them.

The similarity between MDF and Chipboard

Generally speaking, the public mostly makes a mistake when they want to detect MDF and Chipboard. The best way to detect them would probably be that MDF is manufactured with wood and stick while chipboard is created through the use of chips pressed. Therefore, the pieces of wood inside of chip wood are bigger than MDF.

MDF vs Chipboard| Epoxy Table|Almas Turkey
Chipboard| Epoxy table| Almas Turkey


One of the most practical composite wood types is MDF, so-called Medium Density Fibreboard, which is nowadays used in many places. People mostly know this type of composite wood as the main material to create the cabinet. In this article, we are going to talk about MDF and its applications. Medium Density is manufactured with Fibreboard, the compound of soft Wood chips and hard Wood chips. These materials are combined with resin and glue before putting them near heat so that they become pressed. This is the definition of MDF.Β 


One of the most popular boards is the chipboard which is also known as a Particle board. This is engineered wood merchandise that is pressed and extruded from wood chips or jute-stick chips and resin or another suitable binder.

Compare MDF with Chipboard


Easy paintingLightweightΒ 
Easy cuttingSuitable for prepared sofa and bed
More strong and stable than chipboard
Suitable to create library cast, table, cabinet
flat surface without any chipΒ 


HeavyweightLow stability
Hard fixing if it breaksincompatible with environment
Inflating in wetInflating in wet


Both of these wood are suitable for various works such as making cabinets, sofa, shelves and so on.Β  the price of MDF is more expensive than chipboard, this means the quality and durability of that is better than chipboard. Furthermore, chipboard can be thin, helping us to use some handworks that we need thing board. However, it cannot tolerate enormous value on itself.


If you may ask which one is better? Actually, both MDF and chipboard have some advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your needs you can select the appropriate board to work on it.

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MDF vs Chipboard| Epoxy Table|Almas Turkey

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