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Wood Cleaning

Wood Cleaning |Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey|


Wood Cleaning

Wood cleaning is one of the main works that we should do before making a table or even woodcraft because if the wood becomes dirty or irregular, the work will probably not be beautiful. As a result, here we are going to explain the process of cleaning and preparing the wood so that it can be good to use in a handicraft.

Generally speaking, there are several phases which we should do before utilizing the wood in a work.


As a rule, the most important level is furnacing the wood since in there the wood will be dry completely and the pest inside of the wood will die. We usually cannot use the wood without this phase because it can bring insurmountable barriers like warping or living pests inside that.

Cave the bark


In order to have a flat wood slab, it is better to cave its bark. Barks of a tree is the source of dust and the house of instinct, and it does not possess a good approach. Consequently, when we cut the bark of a wood slab, we would definitely make it more beautiful. However, we have some kind of wood that has exquisite bark and appearance so we do not cut their bark and try to use these because it can sometimes double the beauty of woodcraft.

Equipment of caving bark

There are some useful tools that carpenters employ to cut the bark of wood slabs but the most common of them is caving tools since it has a sharp edge. Thus, they can easily cave the bark. We also have other kinds of tools, like cutting machines, for the wood that includes hard bark.

cleaning wood | Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey
cleaning wood | Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey

CNC Machine

After caving the bark of wood, we send the wood on the CNC machine to form the wood to the shape we want for our job. For example, the CNC machine cut some bumpy on the wood to make the surface of the wood flatter. Finally, when this process is finished, the desirable size of wood will gain.

Final checking

After the CNC machine level, we check again the wood slab so that if it still has pieces of bark, we remove it. This level is of vital importance.


We have to brush the wood using some tools so that we have clean wood. Sanding is the first way to clean wood because it can help us to have wood with a smooth surface. Clearly, sometimes the surface of the wood is rough. So, it can scratch the fingers when someone touches it. So sanding is important to level to remove such a rush and make a smooth surface. The iron brush also is beneficial to clean some caves of wood beaches trashes and dust are filled there. Therefore, we can clean there using an iron brush straightforwardly.


After these phases, if we have still pests on the wood, we can use pesticides to kill them.

Finally, after these levels, the wood will be ready to use on the epoxy resin table. you can see the Almas turkey product and table here.

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