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Epoxy Clock

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Epoxy Clock

One of the main parts of everywhere is the clock of that. Everyone would like to be aware of the time in the place they are, which means that they see the clock. Consequently, having a beautiful epoxy clock could absorb othersโ€™ attention.

There are various models of watches such as the wristwatch, Desktop clock and the clock hung out on the wall.


This clock can be mostly manufactured using a mixture of resin and wood. The clock hand is located at the center of the board. Also, it can be possible to use a pendulum at the bottom of the clock when it is hung out on the wall.

The color and model of such a watch are totally customizable by customers, this means they can order a watch with the size, model and even the color they want. The resin can also be UV resin to get luminescent.

Epoxy Watch| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey
Epoxy Clock| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey


Nowadays, people are becoming fans of accessories, and they would like to be in vogue. As a result, they would like to wear a unique watch. Therefore, a watch wristwatch created using resin could make an interesting. Such a watch has a special beauty and is completely particular.

Desktop clock

This watch can be an amazing dรฉcor for the bedroom due to the beauty it has. Also, it can have a ring to be more practical apart from the appearance.


There are two main models for every watch, circular and square, but we can produce the epoxy watch with different shapes like Triangle, Polygon, Diamond and so on.


The design of such a watch could be disparate depending on the color used. For example, it could be a table with a solid model or it can be with a design such as the ocean or river. The piece of wood can be utilized inside of the woodcraft is allow us to make a handicraft more beautiful using a different kind of wood. For instance, walnut wood, oak wood and olive wood have especial attractions.


Almas turkey which is a pioneer in the epoxy resin table industry is able to produce clocks with different models. You can just contact us to order your clock and customize the size and color and model of that.

Epoxy Clock| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

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