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Epoxy Color

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Epoxy Color

Totally, it has a satisfactory stick on a wide range of surfaces, Epoxy Colors of two elements of epoxy resin and polyamide hardener. Because of the high resistance in front of moisture, friction, atmospheric and chemical factors, epoxy colors become more popular.

Epoxy Color includes the following categories:

  • Fluorescent
  • Loose (pigment)
  • Light

Pigment colors dyes are both organic, chemical and even may be natural or synthetic.

More color features:

  • Crystal structure
  • Resistant to acids
  • Resistant to air and light factors
  • numerous heat resistance
  • accessible in disparate dimensions and shapes
  • different colors
  • Distribution


Significantly, ink colors are transparent, they manufacture transparency and perfectly conserve the transparency of the epoxy.

Epoxy color | Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

Colors that can be used in epoxy resin

  • Fluorescent Colors (fluorescent Colors)
  • Firefly color (phosphor color)
  • Velvet Colors
  • Chrome Colors
  • Dough color
  • Microbial dye
  • Ink color
  • Luminescence Colors (happy colors)

Generally, the thing which has been lately caused to be absorbed by those who have an interest in this profession is shiny powders which have a special glow in full darkness.

Also, The main question that comes to our mind when we see the image of light patches on a black background is what color is this?The color shine is used in these works. The combination of glossy package color with epoxy resin can be caused lighting during the day. It absorbs and evacuates light in the darkness. This fabric Color is one of the costliest powders accessible due to its features in the market.


Finally, on of the most significant part is add fluorescent color. So, in order to add luorescent, there is not any limitation for epoxy resin. You can add how much you want!!!

Question, What colors are compatible with resin?

  • Liquid ink color
  • Mineral Colors
Epoxy color | Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

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