Epoxy Panel

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Epoxy Panel

To date, people have striven to make their house more gorgeous using a variety of decorations such as a table, carpet, decorative items and o on. One of the main parts of a house is its walls, which means that when people come to a house, they see the walls at the first glance. Consequently, if you have an extraordinary panel, say the epoxy panel, on the wall, you can easily absorb their attention to that panel.Β Β 

The method of Development

To make an epoxy panel, there is a process like the process of a table despite the fact that the thickness of a table is more than a panel. This process commences when we prepare the wood and put it on the mold which previously was created. Next, we pour the resin on it and let it dry. Β 


The size and model of such a table are customizable, which means customers can order the size they want depending on their wall. There are some main models like ocean, river, sun, especial and so on. however, clients can tell us the models they want.

The wood we select relies on the customers’ taste. There is a variety of wood like walnut, olive, and maple. They have a unique appearance which assists us to make a particular panel. Also, we can use resin with different colors to use like blue, red, black and transparent.


Generally speaking, customers can utilize this panel everywhere. For example, they can hang out it on the wall, or using a standing leg, they can put it on the age of a house. We can use I in a house, office, salon, factory and so on.


We are capable of designing this table with different shapes. For example, a panel with the live edge which is so exquisite. Furthermore, UV resin might make a panel so exquisite because it can keep the light and distribute it at night. It can work as a luminescent.


Bearing the weight of a panel hung out on the wall is paramount. As a result, Almas turkey uses a different method to stick the panel on the wall such as using a lever to tolerate the load of the panel and transfer it to the wall.Β  Sometimes for small panels, we can use the nail to hang out the panel on the wall.

Epoxy Panel| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

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