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Epoxy Resin Allows us for

What are the features of resin?| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

What is resin?

One of the most amazing substances obtained from nature is the resin which is taken from tree gum. Then, with examination and activities of labors, epoxy resin allows us for reaching mass production in disparate industries.

Epoxy resin benefits:

Thanks to resin, now we can create cute and decorative tables and benches.Β  Resin is flexible substance which is able to improve the resistance of wood, and it can close the pores of the wood.Β  Furthermore, epoxy resin allows us for making river tables as well as decorative tiles.

Another advantage of using resin is making necklaces and bracelets with the help of wood epoxy. Furthermore, epoxy can help the wood to show its beauty.

Epoxy Resin Allows us for| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

Resin Epoxy table:

With the combination of cut wood and resin, we can gain an epoxy resin table, which could be designed in various ways. For instance, we can produce a table with a river scheme, ocean scheme, sun scheme, and so on.

Epoxy Resin Allows us for| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

Epoxy flooring:

One of the most popular models of epoxy resin is epoxy flowering used for industrial purposes. It has a special beauty and makes the floor unique.


If all the steps are done according to the principles and correctly, the result is a resin that has the following characteristics:

  • The perfect stick to the surface
  • Chemical resistance to acids
  • Very high resistance
  • tolerant 2 tons of pressure per square centimeter
  • It is not conductive although it is somewhat electrically insulating
  • Impurities, such as Grease, are clean off effortlessly from it
  • The head (surface slip) is not as much as ceramic tile.
  • The heat resistance of epoxy resin after drying is good so that it can tolerate up to 50 degrees steadily and a maximum of 70 degrees before melting.
  • The infinite diversity of colors is a special benefit of resin which can be perfectly suited to the environment.

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