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Epoxy Resin Color

Epoxy Resin Color| Epoxy Color| Almas Turkey

Epoxy Resin Color

Epoxy resin Color

The question for many may be whether the Color is compatible with epoxy resin or not?

In response, we can say yes, there are certain colors that combine with epoxy resin.

What are the properties of resin Color ?

1. It has a sticky state.

2. It is resistant to chemical reaction.

3. Most importantly, it is shockproof.

What happens if the Color is not compatible with the resin?

When the resin and hardener are combined, then add the Color .

If the color is not compatible:

It dries and breaks into pieces

It settles inside the resin and does not dissolve

And finally there is no custom color.

Which colors are suitable in the resin composition?


Ink color (transparent)

Acrylic Color

Ocean Table (10)

On Sale (25)

Live Edge (5)

River Table (23)

Special Design (2)

Sun Design (5)

Table and Bench (13)

Epoxy Resin Color| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey
Epoxy Resin Color| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey


The color of the pigment is not clear and after mixing with the resin, the resin becomes opaque.

There are powder colors (oysters, phosphorus, fluorescent).

Oyster powder: This color has shiny beads and creates a beautiful state in combination with resin.

Oyster powder has different colors.

White oyster color is commonly used to design sea waves

Phosphorus (as it is called): As the name implies, the night shows its beauty

when there is light and does not work when it is dark everywhere.

Fluorescent: This type of Pigment Color absorbs light during the day and glows at night.

Ink color (transparent)

This color is transparent and is used when designing transparent sea and rivers.

Pour a little ink on the color is so transparent that the other side of the table can be seen.

Acrylic Color

This type of resin epoxy Color has no special use, it is only used for table design, which is recommended not to use.

Natural| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey
Transparent| Epoxy Color| Almas Turkey
Transparent| Epoxy Color| Almas Turkey

The difference between phosphorus and fluorescent
As mentioned above, phosphorescent glows with light, but the fluorescent absorbs light and energy during the day and emits light when it is dark everywhere.

Some parts of the table need to be designed after the resin, which we do with a high-precision syringe

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