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Epoxy Resin Dishes and Bowls

Epoxy Resin dishes and Bowls| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

Epoxy resin dishes and bowls

Having a bowl and dish for a house is essential and most people are trying to use glassy and melamine dishes and bowls. Thanks to epoxy resin, we can create even dishes and bowls using that. This article will outline the various model of epoxy dishes and bowls as well as their advantages and disadvantages.


When you use epoxy resin, you can make bowls and dishes with every model you want. This means that all of the production is customizable. The form is the first feature that customers can customize. It can be various forms of dish and bowl such as rectangular and square.

Furthermore, there are different colors which customers can order and choose for their products.Β  The color such as gold, blue, green and so on. It can also be a transparent dish which has a special beauty. We can put some object inside of a dish, for instance, a piece of wood or a flower which assists us to design a dish or bowl more beautiful. This is a benefit for us to design them because, in other kinds of dishes and bowls, we are not able to do.Β  Also, we can use a different model of pieces of wood like walnut or olive which have especial beauty.

Another significant feature of an epoxy resin dish is the high quality of these dishes and bowls. Resin has a high resistance and durability against hit and break. You can easily clean it using washing-up liquid or even with a towel or texture.


Epoxy Resin dishes and Bowls| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey
Epoxy Resin dishes and Bowls| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey


The main disadvantage of epoxy resin dishes and bowls is the price of that which is a little expensive. While it is somehow affordable in comparison with other models of dishes and bowls because it is more beautiful than them. Β Β 


You can design very epoxy resin dishes and bowls with disparate sizes. For example, small, medium and large bowls. Also, the wide of dishes are customizable which can be a beneficial point.


To produce such a dish and bowl, producers should use ready mold. They should pour the resin inside of the mold before waiting so that the epoxy resin becomes hardened.


In a nutshell, we can use epoxy to create some woodcraft and fine art. The epoxy resin dishes and bowls help us to have a beautiful dish to eat dinner. Also, it can be customized according to the customers’ opinions.

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