Epoxy River Table

Epoxy table Epoxy | Table | Almas Turkey
Epoxy River Table |Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey

Epoxy River Table

Although those who know resin tables are familiar with the epoxy river table, most people still do not know the river table. We are going to explain the river table and its various models and how it is made.

Epoxy tables possess various models, each of which has different stages of construction. This means each table is unique.

Make an Epoxy River Table

Wood and resin are the main material of the epoxy river table. Furthermore, we use some kind of wood in this kind of table, like Olive wood which has a naturally unique surface. Consequently, a combination of this wood with resin can illustrate an exquisite table.

Moreover, in order to make such a handicraft, firstly, we put pieces of work in the mold before pouring resin on them. it can be one piece or several pieces of wood. Next, we design and relocate the pieces of wood to make the shape of a river and rock. Resin plays the role of running water in the river.

color | Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey
Epoxy Table| Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey


Totally, in order to manufacture an epoxy river table, we have various colors to use. For example, some colors like blue, green, red, black, gold, and green-blue color.


Generally, we create an epoxy river table for all places that need the table. For example, we can use it as a dining table, office table, honeycomb table and furniture front, TV table, cafe and restaurant table and writing desk

How to Keep an Epoxy River Table

Resin tables are resistant to scratches and if the table surface is contaminated, we can clean it straightforwardly and resistant to chemicals with its properties. So, do not worry about that.

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