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Epoxy Skateboard

Epoxy Skateboard| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

Epoxy Skateboard

Nowadays skateboarding become one of the physical activities between teenagers and adolescents. Therefore, skateboard designers are trying to design a skateboard with a beautiful appearance and high quality against breaking. One material which contains both of them is epoxy resin. So, in this essay, we are going to discuss how we can make an epoxy skateboard and what the benefits epoxy has.

Generally speaking, a skateboard is created with two main parts, the first part is the wheels of that which is previously prepared and just need to joint it to the board. The second part of this is the board of a skate which is extremely important part because it should bear the load of someone. So, it should be potent.

Creating the board of skateboards needs a specialty because the boards should be aerodynamic as well as the shape of that ought to be exact. So, we cannot use any object to create a skateboard. Fortunately, epoxy can be formed very well to develop such a board. Thanks to the CNC machine, we can make every skateboards with every size and model we want.

Epoxy Skateboard| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey
Epoxy Skateboard| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey
Epoxy Skateboard| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

Advantages and disadvantages of epoxy skateboard


The main benefit of epoxy is its stability of that. It can bear a high load without any damage. The combination of resin and wood can create a board more durable. Also, it has a special beauty while other models of skateboards created using wood boards do not have. We can make a board with every shape we want and design it


According to the disadvantages of the epoxy skateboard, it would probably be heavier rather than a simple board. Another disadvantage of skateboard is the price of that which could be costly.


Designers can design epoxy skateboards with some defined designs such as the ocean, river, special design and even the sun. also, the edge of a board can be live which improves de beauty of a board. Although some people would like to have a transparent skateboard without any design, It is common that using wood slabs inside of this woodcraft. This helps the board become more gorgeous thanks to the surface of the wood. We can use various wood models inside of the board such as walnut or olive wood. Moreover, the color of a table is customizable, which means that you can use various colors for your tableΒ  Β 


In conclusion, skateboard is one of the favorite games among the young and has so fans. As a result, making a beautiful skateboard can absorb others’ attention. It can create skateboard with different models and designs.

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