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Equipment Required for Resin

Equipment Required for Resin| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

Equipment Required for Resin

Equipment Required for Resin

The main question for those who want to catch information about resin is about the equipment required for resin.

If we get familiar with the equipment of resin, then it is likely that we can work with resin straightforwardly.

Raw substances to employ the resin

Pass the chosen wood under the CNC so that the surface of wood becomes smoothΒ  and executed the required design.

  • We create a silicone mold by means of MDF in order put the wood inside of that
  • Preparing the resin and hardener before compounding them together so that we produce an epoxy resin.
  • To pour the resin and hardener, we require a measuring unit to know its exact size. consequently, we can manufacture the resin correctly.
  • Since we should not touch the resin due to its chemical reaction, latex gloves are another requisite thing that we have to wear. As a result, we protect ourselves from allergies.
  • Using ice cream sticks and plastic cups is important as well because if we want to stir the resin, we need a container.


If we desire to utilize a great deal of resin, we create it in larger containers and use a mixture with a series of wireless drills.

  • Using a mask during work with resin is of vital importance, so be careful about wearing the mask
Equipment Required for Resin| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey
1. Resin area temperature

To dry resin entirely, we locate the resin poured tables in the room. there are two different situations, if we put it at cold temperature, the color of the resin gets dull.

On the other hand, when the temperature becomes so hot, then the resin misses its form. Therefore, in summer you should be careful and use splits.

3. Equipment required after drying resin

We require a sanding machine to smooth the table surface, which we have from pages number 40 to 4000.
After the sanding phase, we require a polishing machine and its batter to make the table shiny.

2. Resin compatible paint

The resin is not compatible with all colors, but there are plenty of colors that dissolve with the resin.

Ink paints – Powder paints are the paints that dissolve in resin, each of which has various subsets.

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