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Olive Tree

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Features of the olive tree and its wood

One of the types of wood is olive wood which mostly grows in the Mediterranean region. The features of the olive tree and its wood could be the height of that. It reaches around 6 meters and its diameter is almost 3 meters.

Furthermore, the property of this tree is that the worm could not live inside of that, and as a result, the wood does not rot.

Application and features of olive wood

Apart from the applications of olive utilized as the oil, the wood of the olive tree is so beneficial.

Features of olive wood

One of the main features of olive wood is the fiber it has because it has compact fibers and does not produce air. Moreover, this type of wood is laborious and is the densest in comparison with other kinds of wood. According to the color of this wood, it is brownish yellow which is so unique color. Also, this wood is convenient for sanding and polishing. The stems of the olive tree are tied together and are very stiff.

Application of olive wood

Generally speaking, olive wood has good durability and stability. So, it could possibly be practical for some handicrafts and woodcrafts. Consequently, this wood could definitely be good choice to utilize to manufacture epoxy resin in various models. For instance, Almas turkey creates some famous models such as ocean table, river table, sun design, special design, live edge table and so on. The older the wood, the more uneven and irregular, and this natural appearance of the wood multiplies the beauty of epoxy tables. Furthermore, we can use olive wood to create decorative items and home decorations.

Features of the olive tree and its wood| Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey

Disadvantages of wood

There are some disadvantages. Firstly, olive wood has a large size, which means that if you need a medium-sized wood with a smooth surface and no stains for your work, this wood is not appropriate for you. Because olive wood has rot and stains, which is natural.

Cutting Wood

One of the main difficulties of cutters and carpenters is cutting olive wood owing to its old age and large volume. For this reason, this tree has holes and cavities and is a suitable place for birds.

The birds also used small sticks and stones to build their nests. The tree is growing and rocks are penetrating its trunk. After a while, they want to cut the wood, the stones hit the blades of the cutting machine and destroy the blades. This is why most cutters do not accept cutting olive wood.

Moisture of wood

Olive wood is very hard and takes time to dry, and if it is not in a flat place, it will be tilted. When we desire to create a table by means of olive wood, it is better to dry the wood with a machine because if the wood does not dry out when making the table, the table will be tilted over time.

moisture of wood| Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey