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History of Epoxy Resin

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History of epoxy resin

History of epoxy resin

Firstly, let us start with the meaning of “epoxy “ which plays an essential role in the history of epoxy resin.

It was not until a decade ago in 1990 that the Russian had invited the epoxy resin before they used it in 1927. In 1950, it was the first time that resin was compounded with wood.

Also, two main features of epoxy are shockproof and easy clean, for these reasons it has attracted people.

In retrospect, houses and firms employed epoxy, however, nowadays it is used in so many stuffs like tables, jewelry and so on.

Epoxy discovery time

In 1934, the German Paul Schlack was the first researcher who discover the mixture of epoxy, then he patented that mixture.

Furthermore, Dr. Pierre Castan who lived in Switzerland discovered bisphenol A and patented it in 1938.Ciba patented that invention before manufacturing one of the three largest firms of epoxy in the world.

Where is epoxy utilized?

Embalming corpses tightening the boat seam were the first utilization of epoxy because it sticks very well. Furthermore, the other usages of epoxy are in floors, halls, factories and decorative pendants.

Carpentry is one of the most common applications of epoxy because of the fact that it has a special beauty. For instance, in order to make tables, clocks, home appliances and so on.

In order to conserve insects and other natural objects, we use epoxy. We pour epoxy into a glass container, after which we can use them both in the laboratory and as decorative things.

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