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How Much Wood Should Be Dried?

dried wood| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey
How Much Wood Should Be Dried?| Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey

How Much Wood Should Be Dried?

Today, the public tend to use woodcraft and item in their house so that their house becomes more beautiful. The products such as the table, cabinets, parquet and so on. Consequently, producers are trying to produce these things with different types of woods. One of the main problems is how much the wood should be dried so that in work it becomes better. This is the main subject which the most carpenters and wood scientists are striving to solve it. In this article, we are going to discuss it and say the solution for it.Β 

What does dry wood mean?

Wood is like an alive creature and we must behave with it like it. This means that we should know how much humidity exists inside the texture of wood. It has the formula to calculate the amount of moisture inside of wood. The proportion of water inside of wood/ value of wood= answer. This answer shows how much water is exist inside of wood. The less the number is, the less water exists. For instance, if the answer becomes 100%, then this means that the whole wood slab is humid.Β  Also, if the answer becomes 50%, then the wood slab is semi-humid.

The share of wood dryness

Generally speaking, it highly relies on the moisture of the environment. This means that if wood or woodcraft is going to be in a warm city, then it is likely that it should have a considerable amount of water inside of them because this water will be evacuated there. On the other hand, when you want to send wood to a sultry city, then it will attract wetter. Therefore, the place you are going to send the wood is much more important.

How much is this humidity should be?

Wood is an object that interacts with the environment. Β So, it will lose its wet in a hot place and also absorb the wet in a sultry situation. Depending on the environment, the wet wood becomes stable finally. There is a table that modifies the proportion of moisture.

Inside Temperature

Until now, we have talked about the outside situation and the temperature there. But inside of the house, the circumstance is completely various. for example, at home we use a chiller and heater, both of which have a direct consequence on the wood and woodcraft. Β Normally, the percentage of wetness of wood should be 8% when you want to use it as woodcraft at home. However, this percentage can be a little upper and downer and it does not important that much.

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Therefore, the percentage of moisture in wood is significant and it depends on the environment you want to send and use this woodcraft. If the city is sultry, the wood will absorb more humidity. Β 

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