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How to Detect Dried Wood and Wet Wood

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How to Detect Dried Wood and Wet Wood

Detecting the moisture of wood is a significant work that wood producers should do before starting using the wood to produce. If the wood becomes more dries, it will crack. While the wood is wet, it can make some problems after work. So, in this essay, we are going to talk about how to detect dried wood and wet wood and explain them.

Before starting this discussion, it is recommended that buying your wood from a reliable store. This means that it is better to go to a store where the seller gets familiar with wet and dry wood and knows the exact percentage of humidity of the wood. Some sellers do know have enough information about the humidity of wood and just say the humidity of wood is zero percent while the wood has at least have wet about 6 to 8 percent. If the wood is going to be used outdoor, so it is better to use the wood with 25% humidity.


There are three main methods to detect the moisture of wood:

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1) Traditional methods to detect

This method is not a standard method and is just obtained by experience. For example, the weight of wood is one method by which most carpenters can detect the humidity of wood with the help of that. The moist wood is heavier than dried wood. However, this method cannot tell us the amount of humidity. Another way to detect the moisture of wood is that when you are working with that wood, say during sanding, the wood chips are tattered and produce heavy lint which falls in quickly. Furthermore, Sawdust has a circular form and this is because of the humidity existed in wood. Consequently, most experienced carpenters can easily detect the humidity of wood with these methods.

2) Experimental method to detect

The experimental method is more standard and better than other methods. In this method, scientists firstly cut the piece of wood before measuring the wet wood (The place of cutting is important). Immediately after cutting you should put it inside the isolated box which does not lose its humidity of itself. Then they put it inside an oven with a high temperature to reach 0% humidity.Β  Then measure it again. Finally, they will decide the moisture of the wood.

Note: One problem of moisture wood is that when you use them to create parquet in warm weather conditions, they would definitely lose their wet during the time. Consequently, the volume of parquets papers will reduce and becomes smaller and make the distance from the wall.

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3) Using the humidity meter

This is a device that can easily measure the humidity of wood. As we have talked before, the electrical resistance changes when the wood becomes wet. So, scientists make a device using the electrical resistance of wood to detect the humidity of wood. This device has one or two pins at the end of that, using which you can measure the percentage of electrical resistance when you inject them inside the piece of wood. Then they will show the humidity of the wood.

In conclusion

Finally, the proportion of moisture is much more important before creating woodcraft. This means that depending on the weather condition of each city, the moisture of wood would be different because it can either absorb wet in a sultry situation or lose its humidity in a dried situation.


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