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One of the most practical composite wood types is MDF, so-called Medium Density Fibreboard, which is nowadays used in many places. People mostly know this type of composite wood as the main material to create the cabinet. In this article, we are going to talk about MDF and its applications.Β Β 

Medium Density is manufactured with Fibreboard, the compound of soft Wood chips and hard Wood chips. These materials are combined with resin and glue before putting them near heat so that they become pressed. This is the definition of MDF.Β 


Regarding that you can put everything on the MDF board either wood or not wood, you can utilize it in some various places. For instance, in the kitchen, you can create a cabinet. Also, the dining table is another application which become so common nowadays. Other applications are shelf, bed services, study table, closet, accessories, partitions and so on.

medium-density fiberboard| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey
MDF|Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey


  • The price of the medium-density fiberboard is so low
  • To produce medium-density fiberboard boards, producers utilize recycling wood chips, which means that they can help the environment.
  • You can design the surface of the medium-density fiberboard in the scheme you want because it is designable.
  • The surface of MDF is flat, so you can adhere it to everything you want
  • The chemical material medium-density fiberboard has protected against pests such as termites.
  • It does not lose its form when it is prone to heat
  • The cover can straightforwardly connect the medium-density fiberboard . So, you can make a cute design on it


  • When the MDF is produced, the stick has a gas inside of itself known as formaldehyde which is said that it could be dangerous to human health. However, this gas will remove after finishing the process of MDF
  • Although MDF is persistent against hit, if it breaks, fixing it could be little difficult
  • If MDF is exposed to the water, it will be inflated.

Size and Shape

There are various sizes depending on the customers’ opinion and the thins is going to get created. Also, the shape and design of this can be managed depending on the product you want.


In conclusion, MDF becomes one of the most important parts of our life, which means that you can see one of the medium-density fiberboard products in every home and office. We can utilize the medium-density fiberboard board to create some decorative and useful objects such as cabinets and shelves and partitions.


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