Ocean Table Models

Ocean Table Models

One of the most popular models of resin tables is the ocean table which has various eye-catching models. It is designed and did look like rocks. beaches, sea and ocean waves.

In Ocean table Models, woods are arranged in a way that seems like rock and mountain, and next to them the beach was located along with the waves of the sea. They are created one after the other, and the space where there is not any wood is like waves as described.

Sea and ocean are implemented and all these processes are done using resin.

This ocean shape is finished with various kinds of colors and a unique way of pouring resin. There is a diverse variety of colors used in ocean tables such as green, light blue, dark blue, cyan and many other colors that are in the color theme of the sea and ocean.

Moreover, we use a different kind of wood in ocean table models, although most of them employ olive tree wood due to the irregularity of the structure of the wood texture which is similar to rocks on the beach or ocean.

When it comes to the shape of tables, some people think about squares while others think about rectangles. So, we decided to produce ocean tables of different sizes like rectangles, squares, circles, rhombuses, irregular shapes and many different shapes.

The process of production of ocean table models:

The process of making ocean table models begin with choosing suitable wood with a special design before the specified wood is mapped in the form of a table. Next, the resin is compounded with the mentioned colors. This time-consuming process needs a particular skill and experience so that the tables make these shapes. Also, this structure illustrates a pretty and eye-catching natural image of the sea, along with the stability and durability of these tables have thanks to resin.

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