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Packing And Conveying Epoxy Table Products

Packaging Method| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey
Packing And Conveying Epoxy Table Products| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

Packing and Conveying Epoxy Table Products

One of the most significant works in epoxy is packing and conveying the epoxy table product in which the products are controlled.

In this stage, we polish, wax, and make the table shiny, and when we see the product is ready to pack, we pack it to send.

Packaging Method

We have various methods to pack, but it relies on the table, says, size, shapes, weight dimensions are some crucial factors that we have to assume before packing. If the table is enormous or weighty, it should be wrapped using pallets and MDF.

On the other hand, the wrapping gets easier and smaller since the weight and dimensions of the table decline. Therefore, the price and conveying would definitely be suitable and reach the customer faster.

Close the large table

According to the large table, we put the pallet on it before putting an MDF sheet on it. (The size of the pallet must be 5 cm larger than the table). Next, we put shock-absorbing plastics on the surface and sides of the strap. The process ends with placing the plastic bumper to prevent falling the table. While we locate the table, we put the plastic bumper, and using a stapler we stick it to the product, and again put the bumper.

Packing the legs

The legs are an integral part of a product so we have to pay more attention and carry them separately. We should be careful that the color of the leg does not fade. Also, the space level between the legs with Strafer to be wrapped rightly.

Generally, the height of the table with the leg is 23 cm because it can take around space. Consequently. the table and the leg do not move in the mold. After this process, we require two legs which have 5×10 cm legs under the mold that the forklift has a similar capacity.


Finally, Β we put the envelope in cellophane and ship to make sure.

How to shipping

There are several ways to convey products such as air, sea, and land, the fastest of which is by means of air. Nonetheless, relying on the destination nations, orders should be shipped by land or sea. This completely relies on their size and weight.

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