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Pine Tree

Pine wood | Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey
Pine wood | Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey

Pine wood

Generally, there are so kind of tree which has good wood to use in some industry and design. In this article, we are going to explain pine wood and its benefits and drawbacks.


According to its appearance, it has coniferous leaves and its fruit is conical. Furthermore, this tree grows very fast and there are cavities of gum inside the tree, which is called resin.

Advantages of wood

  • This wood is in the collection of soft wood and is very appropriate to create furniture.
  • Pine is soft but very hard and durable and resistant to stresses.
  • The wood has a smooth and simple appearance.
  • It has a light and creamy yellow color.
  • The price of pine wood is reasonable.
  • Ability to paint, sand and polish.
  • This wood model is popular among carpenters since it can be designed with the most basic carpentry tools.
  • The properties and fragrance of wood prevent insects from approaching the tree.
  • It has a light weight

Disadvantages of wood

  • Conserving pine wood could be difficult because it is soft and brittle. So, if we are not careful, it will bend and crack.
  • The appearance of wood is simple and has no variety, so it is not appropriate for the state-of-the-art style.
  • Pine wood possesses some knots that cannot be used everywhere.
Pine wood | Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey

Application of wood

  • This wood has good resistance against water. So, this wood is mostly used for making the body of boats and ships.
  • We can also use Pine wood for flooring, furniture and home decor, cabinets and the external structure of the building.
  • This wood model is convenient for building wooden houses Bolts inside the wood are easy to apply.

Where are pine knots used?

When the wood has a knot, it is convent to create cabinets due to its beauty. But the equivalent model of wood is not appropriate to manufacture sofas since it creates the wood brittle.

Types of pine wood

There are some kinds of pine wood such as Sugar Pine – Black Gum Pine – Poplar Pine – Scottish Pine – Yellow Pine – White Pine

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