Table and Bench

Table and Bench is one of the most popular and unique resin products. Our team produces and sells Table and Bench with the highest quality and the best materials so that customers are satisfied with these products.

How to Produce

Overall, there are 5 main steps in the production of table and bench through the use of resin and wood.

It commences with a wood selection like other tables process. Next, sea infrastructure, which is selected by the customer, is created. The following 3 steps involve designing the sea sand and beach objects before planning the waves. The process ends with transparent resin and designed consolidation.

Different models of resin tables include:

River tables
Epoxy Ocean Table
Transparent tables
Patterned tables (sun design, etc.)
Descriptions of all these products are available in their categories with other features.

In these categories, we have created products with different models, which means that you can buy using selecting any size of your desired table. Furthermore, If the size you want is not on the list or you need a special table and bench, you can easily contact our support and sales team to ask the sales team for a quote for your custom table. It is completely free, and there is no charge for personalization. So, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Almas Turkey Group and sales team will be ready to answer you 24/7.

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Custom Order For Dear Ursula Pola

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