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Epoxy Table

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How to Personalize an Epoxy River Table or Ocean Table?

First of all, you can get advice from sales experts about all kinds of personalizations River Table and Ocean Table before placing orders through the site’s online chat, ticket, and other communication methods.
After that, you can place your order or request a custom link for your order.
The production steps of the river table and ocean table are as follows:
Between 2 to 3 weeks after placing the order, it takes time to choose the wood, and after choosing the wood needed for each order, we send the pictures of the wood to the customer for confirmation.
After approval, the wood is sent to the production hall for cleaning, peeling, and preliminary steps. After 2 weeks, pictures of the mold and wood will be sent to the customer so that the color and model approval can be received from the customer before the resin stage. After receiving the color and resin approvals, we will start the resin steps and during the 5 steps of the resin, production progress images and updates will be sent to the customer.
After the end of the production process, the final images will be sent to the customer to get the final approval.
In addition, the customer chooses the type of legs, the type of wood, and all the details at the time of placing the order, and a customized link will be created.

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