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Resin Table and Wooden Table

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Resin table and wooden table


Nowadays, most people are interested in woodcraft. So, it is clear that wooden products become popular. Consequently, when we compound wood with resin to make new products, we can gain new exquisite products called epoxy tables. Resin table and wooden table can probably be so beneficial for those who working in this industry.

We can produce any kind of table using epoxy resin. For example, epoxy dining table, epoxy coffee table, office table and so on. Furthermore, other products which can be manufactured using resin are valuable jewelry. The resin table has sufficient adhesion as well as its paintability, this means that we can customize it in the way that we want.

wood table| Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey
Ocean Table| Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey

What is the difference between wood and resin wood?


Generally, paintability is one of the main features of resin tables. Although most woods have an almost brown color, you can make a resin table using your desirable colors. For example, in Almas Turkey, we produce the tables with ocean or sea designs which have almost sky blue. Thus, it can boost the beauty of a house.

What is the difference between wood and resin wood?

Cleaning the table

As a rule, cleaning a wood table is laborious, and most of the customers who used these tables were dissatisfied. However, the resin table is so easy to clean because of the glassy surface it has. Customers could utilize every glass cleaner, or they even can use a wet napkin so that they can clean the epoxy table.

Type of wood

As to normal wooden table, walnut wood is appropriate since it possesses a smooth surface, fine texture, various colors, and resistance.

On the other hand, walnut wood and olive wood are convenient for resin tables because both of them are resistant. However, olive wood makes the table look more natural owing to its uneven natural form, and it is more durable than walnut wood.

Weight and quality of the table

According to the weight of the table, although the resin table could probably be a little heavier than the wood table, the quality of that is more than the wood tables. equally, it has high strength and insistence, and of course, it is more expensive.

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