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Resin Tray

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Resin Tray

Nowadays, epoxy resin become popular more and more and are utilized in more home. Consequently, it can be a good idea to employ resin as a tray. So, here we are going to talk about epoxy resin tray and explain it.


ย The size of this table can be customized according to the customersโ€™ opinions. Also, the shape and design of this table completely depend on the customersโ€™ view. However, there are also some defined sizes and designs for resin tables like 30*45 cm which is a normal size for a tray.


Another significant part of the resin tray could be the lid. Having a lid for a tray sometimes would be more practical. So, we could produce a tray with a lid.


The knob is an important part of a tray and it can be a golden opportunity for us to use it to make a table more beautiful. Some models of knob exist with different colors and shapes like golden, yellow, woody and so on.



Simply put, there are various models which you can use to design a tray for example ocean design, sun design, river design and special design. the materials of the lid could be disparate like a woody lid or a glassy lid.


you can also use various colors to create a resin tray. The colors such as blue, green, red and so on. even you can use transparent resin to have a glassy-like table.


There is a different use for such a tray. Here we will explain some of them which are more practical in the house and office.

Bringing drink

The common use of the Tray is for bringing coffee or tea glasses. Resin Tray has a special beauty in comparison with other kinds of the basic tray. The basic tray which is mostly created with iron, wood, steel and plastic is not so particular as Resin Tray and after a long time, and they would probably lose their beauty. Consequently, it would be a good idea that uses Resin Tray in the cafรฉ, home and office because it will not lose its quality and beauty and it can lean easily using a simple towel.


You even can use it to put some objects in the kitchen like salt, pepper, turmeric and so on. or even you can use it in your living room on the table to put some junk food on it.

Bringing food

Another application of Resin Tray is in restaurants and fast foods. When you order a portion of food in a luxurious restaurant, the first thing which can absorb your attention is the tray of food. So, having a resin tray would definitely double the attraction of a restaurant. Customers will be curious about the table and would like to see the detail of that table during eating their food.

Cutter table

Generally speaking, it is clear that every house needs a cutter table. For instance, when you want to cut meat or even fruit, having a resistant table is essential. Thus, the resin tray can is practical for this case since it is persistent against the knife

Tray|Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey


Almas Turkey is going to produce the epoxy resin tray in the near future. It can be a good way for us to expand our productions and the customersโ€™ satisfaction is our target.

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