Sanding and Polishing Epoxy Table

Sanding and Polishing Epoxy Table| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

Sanding and Polishing Epoxy Table

Talking about Sanding and polishing epoxy, if we perfumed all phases of manufacturing the table before pouring the resin, we have to do a significant level called sanding and polishing at the end of the process. Pay more attention to the resin because it should be entirely dried to be sanded.

What is the main reason for using sand and polish on an epoxy table?

We utilize sandpaper so that the table becomes smooth, besides thanks to using varnish we will have a transparent table. In effect, the stage of sanding and polishing is seen as being of great importance, this means that we have to work precisely and professionally. Furthermore, because of the sensitivity and significance of this level, if it is not perfumed rightly, the table would definitely not be cute.

Tools Needed for Sanding

There are pieces of equipment we need including:

  • Vibrating round sanding machine (fist, handle)
  • Circular disc and sanding plate
  • Types of sanding numbers

The sanding plate is both soft and rough which relies on the numbers. For instance, sanding 120 is harder than 220. If we have a higher sanding number, it would go softer. In order to smooth the table surface, we utilize rough sanding, while we use soft sanding to make the table transparent.

Sanding and Polishing Epoxy Table| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

Tools Needed for Polishing

There are three main tools for polishing:

  • Polishing machine
  • Dough
  • Sponge

In addition, Polishing speed is crucial. The polishing machine has a quick speed which has a dire influence on

polishing the table. Moreover, Manual polishing could be used for small tables.

Polishing and Sanding

Resin material and the weather have a direct influence on the reaction of resin during drying and corroding the table. You are able to sand 40 to 320 to smooth the work surface when the wave is low. On the other hand, when the resin surface wave is high, you have to put it under a CNC machine that has a blade to smooth it, then sand it again from 120 to 4000 in order to reach a table without scratches. Finally, it is undergone the payment step which helps us to reach the cute and transparent table.

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