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Special Design

Fine arts nowadays become baked into everyday life. Therefore, most people would like to purchase furniture or painting. Fortunately, we are proud to induce one of the unit types of fine art as a table so that you can change and boost the design of your house. Special design tables are somehow art fine because of the scheme of that. It is developed using some wood slabs which can be replaced regularly or irregularly.

Shape and Design of Special Design

According to the shape of this kind of table, it can be both rectangular and circular with various sizes depending on the client’s order. Furthermore, the scheme of this table is completely disparate from other models since it can create the model that the client order. For example, some of them are created using small pieces of wood, which are cut previously. We locate the pieces regularly together before pouring resin on them.

The Resin of Special Design

According to the resin we mostly use in this kind of table, the high-quality resin is utilized because it makes a beautiful table as well as increases the stability of the table. Also, the good resin would probably be efficient when we want to polish and clean a resin table because if we use a bad quality resin, it is likely that it will be opaque after months.

The wood of special Design

As a rule, Almas Turkey utilizes walnut wood to develop a special design because this wood has a unique design. This wood has cute screws on its trunk which means that it can boost the beauty of the table. Also, this wood is so strong and durable, increasing the stability of the table.

The Use

There are some uses of special design tables which we are going to explain. Firstly, this table can be used as a dining table. Secondly, the coffee table is another common usage of the special design table. Furthermore, in some cafΓ©s, they utilize special design tables as tables which doubled the beauty of that place, and finally, the office table is another utilization.

The Legs

Legs play an integral part in tables because if you have an exquisite table but it has inappropriate legs, it would definitely seem ugly. So, selecting good legs is really important. Almas Turkey uses disparate legs with various colors, materials and models. As a case in point, There are the classic legs, modern legs, and transparent legs, each of which can be painted such as gold, chrome, black, silver, etc. The customers’ views determine all of these properties.

Finally, Almas turkey produces some models of special design tables which you can visit here.

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