Table and Bench

Table and bench| Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey

Table and Bench

When the public desire to buy a table, they would possibly think about the bench that is suitable for that table. Sometimes they can find a good one, while most of the time they would probably become unsatisfied. As a result, we decided to create the bench along with the table so that we can create a perfect set. In this article, we are going to explain about table and bench which is one of the most novel products of Almas turkey.

Table and bench| Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey


Almas Turkey designs tables and bench products with different schemes like the ocean, river, special design, the sun design. all of which are customizable regarding the clientsโ€™ opinion. Besides, we color of them can be changed according to the customersโ€™ view.


Generally speaking, having a table that has its own bench is fascinating because the bench makes doubled the beauty of the table. So, you can use this cute set everywhere. For instance, it might be a good selection for designing a dining room, or even it can use in the yard so that when you want, you can sit on the bench there to have a BBQ. It also absorbs the childrenโ€™s attention, as a result of this, it can be suitable for your childโ€™s room so that they can do painting or study on it.


Generally speaking, The size of the bench totally relies on the size of the table. For example, if we have a table with a high height, say 30 cm, then it is likely that we have to create a bench with a lower height in comparison with the won table. Furthermore, the width of the bench depends on the width of the table, which means that when the table becomes lengthy, we have to use a bench with the same length.


As a rule, The legs model of the bench can be like the legs model of the table, with a smaller size. Also, in Almas turkey, we have a vast range of colors that we can use to paint the legs. The colors like fold, black, silver, transparent and so on. The material of the legs is important too which we mostly use wood, iron, silver, chrome and so on. Since Almas turkey has the feature of customizability, as a result, all of these depend on the clientsโ€™ notions.


According to the wood we use to create a set of table and benche, we mostly use the olive wood and walnut wood slabs inside of these tables and benches due to the stability and beauty these wood have. However, the customers can customize their product in Almas turkey, which means that they can select the slab of wood and the type of wood before developing the table and bench.


As we have talked about resin, it is a natural material with high clearness which has colors between yellow and brown. a significant feature of resin is that water does not dissolve the resin. However, the liquid, like ether, can dissolve the resin straightforwardly.

We use resin to create the table and bench with various models and colors. When we want to design a table using the resin, we can design it like the natural sightseeing like the ocean, river, sunrise and so on. also, thanks to resin, the quality of the table will be boosted because of the material the resin has. Also, we can paint it naturally while we cannot do this on wood.

Here, you can see some productions of table and bench.

Resin| Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey

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