Table Legs

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Table Legs

One of the most significant parts of each table is its legs because they can bear the value of the table as well as make it stable. So, in this article, we are going to talk about it.

Generally speaking, legs play an essential role in every table and they can even make the beauty of the table double. consequently, almost all factories, like Almas turkey, that are producing tables, mostly pay more attention to the legs.

legs| Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey

Material and shape of legs

Legs mostly are created from iron and wood and sometimes they can be created from steel. Furthermore, regarding the legs shape, legs have some different models such as formed legs, classic legs, modern legs, transparent and so on.

Description of table

There is various kind of sizes for the table from 40cm to 92cm which is changeable depending on the customerโ€™s order. Also, the size of the bench is smaller. ย Besides, the color of the legs can be modified according to the customersโ€™ view. There is a diverse range of colors which we mostly use to paint legs. for example, the colors like black, blue, gold, silver, and so on. Moreover, the legs should be waterproof so that it does not corrode. To solve this problem, we use anti-rust.

(Here you can read about the resin color)

How to screw the legs to the table

The distance between the edge and the table is much more important because of the value of the resin table. If the legs screw the table badly or even it has any centimeterโ€™s problem, the legs cannot tolerate the value of the tables. Consequently, the table falls out and breaks. Thus, we have to be careful when we want to measure the scale of the tables. We mostly measure the place and sign the placement of the screws before holing the table.

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