The Big Size Table

The Mega size Table| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

The Big size Table

One of the tables which customers ordered so much is a table with big size which can cover more people around itself. Creating such a table could be difficult because of the weight and size of that and just few wood producers accept to develop such a table. Also, it needs special equipment So, it is a rare table. However, Almas turkey is able to make this table in different sizes. In this essay, we will discuss the Big size table and say its features.

Design and Application

According to the design of this table, there are various models of table which we can use to create big size tables. The models such as rivers, ocean, special designs, the sun and so on. Furthermore, these tables can be with a bench with the size of the table. Also, the UV resin can use inside of these tables to boost the beauty of these tables. There is a range of colors which is used during creating such a table. For instance, a range of blue colors to create an ocean and river scheme.

Also, according to the application of this table, we can use this table at the workplace as a conference table and even at the house as a dining table.

The Mega size Table| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey
The Mega size Table| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey


We can create this table with various wood but the height of the wood is important because if we want to create a table with a beautiful design, the wood should be flat and without any cuts. If we use two pieces of wood inside of a big table, the appearance of this wood would not probably be desirable. Also, we can utilize various model of wood such as oak, walnut, olive and so on which has unique appearance.

Size of mega table

The size of the mega table is completely customizable via customers. If you want a rectangular table, you can order a table with the size of 200 cm to 450 cm. in addition to this table, you can order a rounded table with a big size which is more than 150cm in diameter.


Generally speaking, nowadays most families have more members which means that having a table with enormous size can help you to have a better gathering. Almas turkey is one of the factories which produce epoxy resin tables with various sizes and models. Also, it can produce an epoxy table with mega size.

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