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The Problem of Creating Big Size Table

The Mega size Table| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey
The Mega size Table| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

The Problem of Creating Mega size Table

The epoxy table is one of the modern and beautiful tables which nowadays obtained so many fans. This kind of table has different models and sizes. For example, some determinate sizes include from 90*60 to 290*100 Also rounded table which is started from 60 to 150cm. However, Almas turkey is able to make the table with different sizes in this article we are going to talk about the problem of creating big size table.


The size of the big table starts from 200*150 meters to 450*150 meters which is considerably wide. Also, the weight of these tables grows according to their size. However, the size of these tables is customizable according to the customers’ opinions.


One of the most significant parts about big size tables is the size of them which is extremely heavy. Generally speaking, the biggest normal size is 290 *100 which has around 180kg weight. Β The mega size table sometimes reaches more than 400 kg. So, it would be difficult to work with it during production. For example, the producer ought to have a big CNC machine to cut the surface of this table. Also, the size of the wood is important, which means that the width of the wood should be so high for some models. Consequently, the weight of the table will increase dramatically.


Conveying such is table could be so difficult because of the weight and size of them. It would be more than 500 kg which needs some special equipment to relocate it. So, a professional transfer is essential to relocate such a table. The probability of breaking such a table is high if you do not pay attention to the safety tips and do not use standard tools to relocate it.


To produce such a table, we have to furnish a good mold to cover all places of this table to pour the resin inside of the mold. Because if a table does not have a good mold, then it will not be flat. Creating a mold for a big size table could be so hard. So, it should be done by versatile workers.


If you are not a professional producer or do not have any experience in creating a big size table, do not create it without any information about the big size table. This is because it can be damaged and the table becomes unused. Consequently, compensating for the financial damage of this could be difficult.


All in all, the big size table nowadays become one part of every office. It can be more practical for the places that are so crowded. Almas Turkey which is the pioneer in the production of the epoxy table can develop big size tables with different models. Thanks to the professional labor and equipment Almas turkey has, they can create a mega table with the highest quality and durability. Furthermore, the main advantage of Almas Turkey is the free shipping it has because transferring of mega size tables is laborious. So, customers can easily trust Almas Turkey since it guarantees the table from ordering to receiving.

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