Types of River Tables

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Types of River Tables

River Tables is one of the most popular and best-seller models of our company. There are different types of River Tables, which are a subset of resin tables, including clear tables, river tables and ocean tables. In this post, we are going to explain different models of river tables.

Shapes of River Tables

It is included green, light blue, dark blue, cyan, yellow, gold, black, gray, clear, smoky, wreath, fusion and so on. Also, our company employs various kinds of wood in these tables, such as walnut wood, olive tree, elm tree, mulberry tree, sycamore tree and so on.

Producing tables with special models is another feature which our company concentrated on it and provided for customers. For instance, we strive to produce tables with the shape of the circle, which is so popular between customers, rectangle and square of different sizes, and we decided to furnish our tables with a bench with the shape of epoxy resin for those who are interested in having the bench similar to their tables. Consequently, it would definitely assist customers to choose any kind of table shape depending on their house shape.

If the customers have their own scheme of the table or bench with various sizes, they can connect to our support team so that they can say them about their idea. Thus, do not hesitate to contact us!

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