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Types of Wood and Their Properties

Different models of wood

To select a good model of wood, firstly we need to know about them. So here we are going to introduce some of them and explain them.

Walnut wood
Olive wood
Oak wood

Alder wood
Maple wood
Pine wood

Plane tree
Elm wood
Mulberry wood

Walnut wood:

Walnut wood has some positive future features such as being semi-hard, polishable and uniform. Furthermore, it was a satisfactory texture, cute patterns and smooth surface. Printability is another positive quality walnut wood has. According to the color of walnut wood, it has a gray to dark brown color which particular color in comparison to other kinds of wood color. Finally, Walnut wood is employed to create furniture, musical instruments, parquet and decorative items.

walnut wood| Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey
olive wood| Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey

Olive wood:

The place the olive tree grows is the shores of the Mediterranean to the Middle East. It is one of the hardest and densest woods, which grows slowly and has yellowish-brown color. Besides, walnut wood is appropriate for polishing and inlaying. The main reason that walnut wood is popular and attractive is that this wood does not possess a smooth surface and has an irregular texture. Talking about the application of walnut wood, it is mostly utilized for epoxy resin products. Although walnut and mapa burl wood is able to be used in resin wood, olive wood is of some fans because of its feature.

Mulberry wood:

The main use of mulberry wood is in manufacturing decorative elements since it has a special texture and appearance. It has a smooth and monotonous surface and is resistant to insect attack and does not rot. Furthermore, the color of mulberry wood is golden yellow.

Elm wood:

There are some significant features of Elm wood but the main of that is the heaviness of this wood. It does not rot and is appropriate in humid weather. Consequently, it is used to create veneer, furniture and parquet. Another paramount attribute of this wood is its color which is from light brown to dark brown.


This wood is mostly utilized for parquet because it is durable and tough. The color of oak is light brown to dark brown.


One of the soft and light woods is pine wood used in the paper and furniture industries. It possesses a little resistance and rots quickly. The color of pine wood is from white to cream.

Alder wood:

Generally speaking, people mostly use alder wood in the upholstery and furniture industries owing to its soft texture. It is durable and light wood and it has a reddish cream color.

Plane wood:

Plane wood is semi-hard, heavy and durable, and people use it to create furniture, chairs and tools. The color of sycamore wood is from white to reddish-brown.

Maple wood:

Maple wood grows in acidic soils and is tough and heavy. The color of the maple wood is a cream white with oyster veins.

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