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Waterfall Table

Waterfall Table| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey
Waterfall Table| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

Waterfall Table

Nowadays, everyone would like to have a unique table for their house. So, designers are trying to design novel tables. Some designers strive to inspire some designs from nature like a waterfall which is exquisite. Waterfall Table is a brand-new model of table which has an especial beauty because of its unique design. Here, we are going to pay more attention to such a table.


Simply put, the meaning of the waterfall table is the table with an edge which is from the top of that to the ground to make the shape of the waterfall. Generally, there are two main designs to create a waterfall table. it could be both flat and curvy. According to the form

According to the former, it is so common model of a waterfall table because this model can work like legs for a table too. Consequently, customers do not require legs for their table. The latter could be like a slide and it could be so beautiful. Making this table could also be so time-consuming because of sanding and creating the shape of the curve. Also making a curvy mold to pour resign needs more time. However, after these processes, we will observe a special table that is extraordinary. Β 

Designing of waterfall table

There are various designs which designers mostly try to design this table, but in Almas Turkey, we mostly use the design of ocean, river, sun, special and so on. These schemes give the natural sense to a table. For example, a river table illustrates a river flowing between cliffs and falling down. Moreover, we can make the edge of this table live edge to show the naturality of the table and waterfall.


This table can be used almost everywhere. For example, it is a good idea to use this table as a dining table. Also, in the office place, having a conference table with this design can boost the spirit of the staff. It could be useful and eye-catching that we use this table in the bar table.

The quality of this table

Firstly, these tables can bear a high value of weight because of the wood we use to develop these tables. Besides, the resin is a resistant material to bear the load of the object which is going to be put on this table as well as the weight of the wood. Also, the waterfall table, do not need any leg (if two sides become this model) because the pieces of wood can bear high weight

Waterfall Table| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

Almas Turkey Productions

All of these features are customizable, which means that customers can say their opinion to create a table and the design of the table they urge. Even they can say the waterfall table with every size and model they want. Almas turkey is able to make an epoxy table with any possible model. Here you can see other models of tables that Almas turkey produce.

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