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What is an epoxy table and how is it made?

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What is an epoxy table and how is it made? Nowadays, people would like to buy handcraft decorative objects. As a result, some tables which have natural designs are absorbed by people.

Furthermore, the epoxy table is a compound of epoxy resin and wood. In order to make a work natural and exquisite, wood is always the best choice to make a handcraft special and look natural.

If we want to manufacture any tables, we can use epoxy resin. For Example, in order to make Furniture front desk, dining table, writing desk, TV table, work desk and so on.

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A compound of resin and hardener

To harden and form the resin which is a thick material, we need a hardener. Furthermore, measuring the proportion of hardeners is important for us because the resin would not definitely form accurately and might be damaged if we exceed adding the hardener.

Moreover, we do not necessarily require wood to develop resin tables and elements, we can also Perform various notions. For instance, instead of wood, we can use a large number of colored pencils, different types of flowers, or sea moss and stones.

You would probably still be surprising what an epoxy table is created, or how long it catches to develop, and what kind of resin is utilized. In order to know the answer to these questions, select the Almas Turkey page.

Steps of developing the epoxy table: The process starts with the wood selection before cutting wood which is of vital importance. Then, when we have to shape the wood, we pour the resin. Furthermore, we sand and polish so that the table shines. The process ends with preparing the legs of the table.

Epoxy table models

Epoxy tables are of various models, each of which is developed disparately. For example, River, Ocean, Special design, Sun design, Live edge and clear tables are a subset of epoxy tables that are common due to their naturalness.

Ocean table

Using wood and resin, we can develop the ocean table. Wood plays the role of rock in this design and resin looks like the sea hit the rock, along with white waves.
All of this design depends on the taste of the client. Because our work is handcraft, we can totally customize it according to the opinion of customers. For example, adding long beaches of any size cliffs, boats and so on. You can add anything else you like.

River Table

The structure of the river table looks like a river in nature which makes a sense of nature and vitality on the table. Since this table has this property, it is popular. We can create the river table with any design and color. As a result, some people would like a river table with stone to make the table look natural, while others are interested in a simple table. River table can be made with any design and color Some like it simple. Some also use the stone to make the table look natural.

Special Design

This type of table is completely different from others because it has a special design. In this table, we create a special design table with a tidy mode although we can make every design the customer order.

Sun Design

Sun design is another popular model. This model tries to illustrate the sun because of its rays. Consequently, most people are the fan of this handcraft.

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