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What is Epoxy Resin?

What Is Epoxy Resin| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

What are the features of resin?

What Is Epoxy Resin?

It has been argued what is epoxy resin and how many models epoxy resin has. This article will outline them.

What is resin?

One of the amazing materials is rein which is sticky and transparent, it is dissolved in alcohol although water is not able to dissolve it.

There are two main types of resin:

Natural resin

From plants and trees in the shape of sap we can take natural resins. For example, pine sap.

Synthetic resin

In the lab using chemical compounds we can make the resin. By means of combining “resin” and “hardener”, we can reach resin.

Epoxy resin

According to Epoxy resin, it is a focused polyamine resin that needs a supplement or a similar hardener. Furthermore, in order to dry the resin, we require a tough material. we called hardener that material. These two materials are also called two-component matter.

Resin and hardener ratio

The resin is hard while the hardener is dilute. So, when we want to pour the resin and hardener, the percentage of hardener has to be less than half of the resin. For instance, if we pour 2-liter resin, we have to pour 1-liter hardener.

What are the features of resin?


· Waterproof

·Hard glass

·Inflammable (however, it can fire in high temperatures)

Resin is used because of these features. So, the artists utilize it to create cute objects such as tables, decorative things like jewelry and tools such as clocks, meat boards, and mobile stands.

Heating resin

One of the paramount phases in modification is heating resin owing to removing the bubbles inside of that which has been done after compounding the resin with hardener.  We utilize A vacuum device in order to heat the wide volume of resin.

How to solve the resin

According to dissolve the resin, we use an ice cream stick to stir the material when we have a small volume. However, we connect the resin stirrer to the drill series.

If we want to dissolve the resin in a small volume, we use an ice cream stick, but if we want to stir some volume, we connect the resin stirrer to the drill series so that we can solve the resin in high volume. This method is the best method to dissolved resin.

Heating resin| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey
Some safety tips for using resin| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

Some safety tips for using resin  

  1. In order to forbid the smell of resin, it is better to use mask
  2. It is essential that we wear gloves to conserve our hands from chemical compounds which is in resin
  3. Because the resin is sticky, use an apron because it may spill on our clothes and damage them.

The difference between resin and marine resin Ocean table epoxy

Generally speaking, to develop the ocean table we use sea resin. Sea resin has a higher concentration in comparison with resin and a small volume of that must be poured into the mold.

River table epoxy

According to the river table, the resin can be poured in large volumes, but a low proportion should be done at intervals since if we pour it all of that at once, the so-called resin burns and the color of that turns yellow.