What is UV Resin and What is its Use?

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What is UV resin and what is its use?


One of the main common questions among those who are fans of resin is what is UV resin and what is its use?

Simply put, the resin is a subset of synthetic resins that do not need hardeners and harden in a very short time with a flashlight or UV lamp.

UV resinΒ 

This is a kind of ultraviolet resin that dries with a UV lamp and replaces epoxy resin utilized for small works such as jewelry and decorative objects.

Furthermore, the significant point about this type of resin is that UV resin does not dry without a lamp, and the drying time of the resin relies on the workload. As soon as we add a small amount of resin, it catches 2 to 3 minutes to dry the resin.


When we want to use resin to work, it is compatible substance, which means we can use different kinds of color with that. For example, the color such as inks, powders, pastes, etc. You can also use small stones and decorative beads and crown powders in the resin.

Tools for working

Totally, while we are working with this kind of resin, we require a UV lamp, cardboard to work with, a container, silicone mold and wood for stirring. Moreover, if you want to have a good job, be careful during buying a UV lamp.

How to pour

Generally, there are two ways to pour resin between the piece of wood. If you want a transparent product, you can pour the resin into your silicone mold and hold it under the lamp according to the volume of work.

Otherwise, if you want to add pigments and colored powders, pour the resin into a small bowl and add the pigments and small stones before mixing them with a mixer. Then, you can pour the resin into a silicone mold.

Bubbles of this type of resin are also removed with a technical hair dryer. How to use a technical hair dryer is important. Do this at very low temperatures at high speeds.

We can use UV resin in the products like live edge, ocean table, river table, sun table, special design and so on. Here, you can see some of UV epoxy resin product which Almas Turkey produces.

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