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Wood Models

Wood Models| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

Wood Models

There are 5 kinds of Wood Models:

  • Walnut tree wood
  • Mulberry tree wood
  • Plane tree wood
  • Olive Tree
  • Elm wood

Walnut wood

Walnut wood is the firstΒ  wood models which we are going to discuss and show the attributes and applications of that:


pattern and knot inside of walnut wood are exquisite.

One of the pretty parts of wood is the patterns and lines inside of that which illustrate its natural beauty shape, which is shown after cutting

The shininess and resistance of walnut wood can be other significant features of walnut wood

There is an enjoyable smell when the wood is cut

walnut wood will become lighter and stronger over time

Uses and applications of walnut wood

Furniture is one of the main usages of walnut wood which Wooden tabletop is a good example of application of that
employing in wood flooring (parquet)
Luxurious and decorative accessories. also, resin can stick to this wood very well.


Thanks to the satisfactory properties and application of walnut wood, the buyer
are able to decide to select the desired wood according to consumption.

Wood Models| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey
Wood Models| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey
Wood Models| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

Mulberry Tree wood

According to the mulberry tree, which has more than two hundred years old, it is so common wood in the world since you can find it in every country.

In all parts of the world, it is flexible to adapt to any climate and it could grow very well.

The height of this tree is more than eighteen to 20 meters and the diameter of the forest tree is about 10–15 meters.

Uses and applications of Mulberry wood

researchers have shown that the mulberry tree has been employed by carpenters for many years and used for decoration


Thus, Berries manufactured in various nations could be different from each other and this difference is due to the prevailing conditions in the regions. Mulberry trees differ from temperate areas with regard to drought and height in warm regions. Hence, we observed the different qualities of this product with others and we must make all kinds of tools to pay close attention to the quality of the wood.

Olive Tree

Olive trees are other wood models which have evergreen faces and they are usually located from the beach of the Mediterranean to the Middle East

Planting an olive tree

As regards the height and diameter of the olive tree, they grow to reach more than 10 meters, and their diameter is around 2 meters. Furthermore, when the olive tree is located in a forest or jungle under rainwater irrigation, its height would definitely reach more than 10 meters and its diameters would reach more than 6 meters.

Work on wood

There is a pleasurable smell of wood while cutting olive wood. As to olive oil weight, they are really heavy, and they are tangled and strong

The cut wood is dried in the briefest time. According to the color inside of the olive wood, there is cream in color and has the irregular dark line

Application of olive wood

Due to the beauty that this wood has, it is used for the construction of marine and ocean design tables


As a result, in comparison with other wood, olive wood is more expensive owing to its features and strength. The buyer chooses and orders the kinds of wood according to the amount of consumption and budget

Wood Models| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

Plane tree wood

There are various kinds of sycamore trees such as American sycamore, cluster sycamore and
Oriental sycamore is indigenous to East American species and species Native to California and parts of Iran, each of which with its own features are almost the same.

Generally speaking, the sycamore tree has a semi-hard wood and it is semi-heavy and has a texture similar to beech wood. Cedar wood polishes a little hard but it is paintable very well with excellent pay ability.

Elm wood

The significant factors to improve the growth of these trees are well-drained soils, ventilation, and good drain.

Oja species grow only up to about 600 meters above sea level and more in green areas while Elm tree can grow up to 1000 meters above sea level. The best areas for the growth of elm are pits, valleys, and low-lying areas or mountain slopes. Elm wood is tough and potent. The inside of elm wood is worthwhile because of the beauty it has. elm wood is manufactured for furniture production (parquet) River table production.

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