One of the most paramount things to create a table is the design of that and the things related to it such as color, decorative items, legs and so on.

Epoxy color

Epoxy color has a satisfactory stick on a wide range of surfaces, Epoxy Colors of two elements of epoxy resin and polyamide hardener. Because of the high resistance in front to moisture, friction, and atmospheric and chemical factors, epoxy colors become more popular.

Epoxy Colors include the following categories:

. Fluorescent epoxy Colors

. Loose epoxy Colors (pigment)

. Light epoxy color


One of the most significant parts of each table is its legs because they can bear the value of the table as well as make it stable. So, in this article, we are going to talk about table legs.

There is various kind of sizes for the table from 40cm to 92cm which is changeable depending on the customerโ€™s order. Also, the size of the bench is smaller.ย  Besides, the color of the legs can be modified according to the customersโ€™ view. There is a diverse range of colors which we mostly use to paint legs. for example, the colors like black, blue, gold, silver, and so on. Moreover, the legs should be waterproof so that it does not corrode. To solve this problem, we use anti-rust.

Inside of the resin table

We use some decorative items to design a table more natural. For instance, inside the ocean tables, we mostly use the waves to make it more natural. Furthermore, depending on the customersโ€™ view, we can use some decorative pieces of stuff such as the things which we mostly see inside of the sea like sand, algae, stone, and so on. Moreover, we can put some small statues like starfish, shell, shark, diver and fish inside the table. This feature could be amazing for childrenโ€™s tables. Consequently, these things cause the table more natural and eye-catching.