Epoxy table legs

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Epoxy table legs

The legs play an integral part in a table. So, we have to be careful to choose a good leg for a table. Also, some criteria are significant to select Epoxy table legs like the weight and dimensions of the table. In this article, we are going to explain the model of the leg used in epoxy tables, and how customers can order a leg according to their taste.

Types of legs

There are various models of legs. However, one of the most popular models of the leg is the needle model which makes an epoxy table more beautiful. This simple type of table is also a best-seller model.

Material of legs

Metal table legs

In this kind of table, according to the weight, dimensions and diameter of the table, Legs are often made from 30 by 40 cm to a normal diameter of 40 by 60 cm.

Wooden table legs

Like the metal table, we design the leg of the wooden table, which means that it has similar dimensions. We also are able to shape, paint, and beautify according to customers’ taste, this means clients can completely customize their both tables and legs.

Dining table stand

According to the length and height of the legs, In the dining table is usually from 30 to 35 cm in length, smaller than the table itself, which is appropriate for a dining table. The leg height of the table is 75 cm.

Honeycomb table leg and furniture front

Generally, The leg size is 40 to 50 cm but can be shorter or taller depending on the customer’s request.


We can use those legs in various sizes and dimensions. For example, for a bench or epoxy coffee table, we can make legs with a special scheme. Also, we can paint the inside of the table using fluorescent paint or use LEDs on the back.

All our legs are able to customize by the customers’ nation. They can say their opinion how the legs design, the paint of table as well as the size of tables.


As a rule, The screw is of vital importance when we want to connect legs to a table. We have to be careful during that work because screws should not damage the surface of the table. Frequently, metal legs are created with screws and nuts while wooden legs are made only with screws.

In some places of the table which is filled with resin, we cannot screw. Consequently, we send those parts with the desired glue along with the table to the customer.

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