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Epoxy Backgammon and Chess Board

Epoxy backgammon and chess board | Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey

Epoxy backgammon and chess board

Backgammon and chess are two cool board games that have been played in the past. These games have a special history and people almost always like these games. Thanks to technological advances, individuals play this using mobile and online this game. So, it could be a good idea to create special boards for these games so that people intend to play in real in comparison with online.Β  Therefore, we can develop an amazing epoxy backgammon and chess board using resin and wood.

Epoxy backgammon and chess board | Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey



There are two appearances for this table. One side is the man side of that, and when you open the Backgammon, you will see the side where you put the nuts. you can design both sides using resin and wood with a different scheme. Although this feature causes a table to be heavier it can make a beautiful table. For instance, we can use different models of resin like ocean and river and even sun design for designing this table.


One small part of this game is dice of that but it is more practical when you are playing. Consequently, it could probably be a good idea to manufacture resin dice for this game with various color and models.


There are 30 nuts to play this game so it is the golden idea that we create nuts using resin because they can be more attractive.




Chess is another game which has so fans who follow these games. Designing this table is like backgammon table using epoxy resin. We can design this table using the wood and resin for example the black pieces can be wood and the others can be resin with various colors like blue. Thanks to the CNC machine, we create a plaid form and pour resin between them.


As you know there are 32 nuts for a chess game, each of which does a particular act. Also, they have special shapes like king, knight, pawn and so on. therefore, we can design these nuts using epoxy resin with different color.


According to the design of them, we can create these tables using different colors and shapes. For instance, we can use blue, golden, black, gray and so on. Also, the edge of them can be Live which lead to have a natural sense for a board. Β 

Epoxy backgammon and chess board | Epoxy Table | Almas Turkey

Wood and resin

There are some kinds of wood which we can use to create these boards such as walnut, olive and so on. this wood has a good consistency in comparison to hit and scratch. Also, they have cute colors and designs and make woodcraft more natural. The quality of the resin is also significant because if we use bad quality resin, it will be blurbed and curved. For instance, the nut of chess is so narrow and would be broken if bad resin was used to create it.

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