Ocean Epoxy Table

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Ocean Epoxy Table

One of the prominent resin epoxy tables is the ocean table which is much enchanting and effective owning to its form and design. Overall, the resin desks manufacture from wood and resin with different sizes and colors. Consequently, we design them with various models such as the ocean, river, sun, live edge and so on.

The utilized wood transmits a sense of naturality. For example, the shape of rock and sand along the sea, and we make a wave with white color. Also, the client can say his own opinion so that we can design the beach and rock and sea according to that, and we can add extra things like sand, gravel, rock and starfish to that. It makes the work seems more natural.

The Shapes

There are some shapes for this desk which we make such as the shapes of circle, rectangle, square and even live edge. Talking about their use, they design for a honeycomb, dining table, furniture in front of the coffee shop, and even a clock and decorative panel.

The Colors

According to the color of this desk, we employ light blue, dark blue, green and green-blue colors. For a table, you can use both dark blue and light blue to illustrate the real sense of the sea. The framework and design of the ocean table have been absorbed by many fans and gave a particular beauty to their place.

The Best Wood for Resin Desks

The wood which is denser and more durable is olive. It is more resistant than walnut wood and comfortable to make ocean tables because of its disparate shape.

As a result of this, we do not employ it in some places, and we have to use walnut wood, which is entirely smooth. Walnut wood is able to be used for any kind of table and object. Making a table needs much time due to its design and the resin.

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