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Epoxy Resin Paint

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Epoxy Resin Paint

some people think about whether the epoxy resin paint is compatible or not.

The answer to this question is yes and we have some prime colors which compound with epoxy resin.

What are the features of resin paint?

  1. It has a sticky state.
  2. It is persistent against chemical reactions.
  3. it is shockproof, which is the most significant feature.

When the paint is not appropriate for the resin, what would happen?

When the resin and hardener are combined, then add the paint.

Also, if we use the color incompatible:

Drying and breaking tables into pieces are the main difficulty that can happen if the color was not suitable. Furthermore, the color stays inside the resin and does not dissolve which makes the appearance of the table ugly. Finally, there is no custom color.

Which colors are appropriate for the resin mixture?

Ink color (transparent)

Acrylic paint


This kind of color is not transparent which means that when the resin is combined with this color, it becomes opaque. We have some powder colors (oysters, phosphorus, fluorescent).

  • The oyster powder: this type of color has different colors, the most famous of which is the White oyster color utilized to design sea waves generally.
  • Phosphorus (as it is called): as we can understand from its name, the night shows its beauty. This means that in the morning we cannot see the special beauty of that, and it illustrates itself at night.
  • Fluorescent: This type of powder paint attracts light during the day and shines at night.

Ink color (transparent)

If we have a transparent design, we would definitely use ink color. For example, in some designs like sea and river we use it. As a rule, When we pour a margin of ink on the colors, it becomes so transparent, which means that we can see the other side of the table.

Acrylic paint

This type of resin paint has no special use, we can just utilize it for tables . However, we try to not use it.

The difference between phosphorus and fluorescent

Generally Speaking, phosphorus and fluorescent has enormous differences, phosphorescent shine with light, but the fluorescent attracts light during the day, then emits saved light at night.

Some parts of the table require to be designed after the resin which we do with an accurate syringe