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Epoxy Floor

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Epoxy Floor

One of the prime parts of a place is the floor which attracts others’ attention. Nowadays scientist makes the floor more beautiful using ceramic and parquet. However, one of the special ideas of them was using epoxy resin on floors. This essay will outline why we can use the epoxy floor in comparison with other normal floors.

Epoxy Resin

One of the main questions that arise in the public’s mind is does epoxy floor break? Epoxy resin is created using good material so it has a good quality against hit. It is also durable and resistant to scratch. However, it is normal that if you throw a heavy object on it, it could probably become scratched or even break.

Type of Epoxy Floor

Generally, there are different models for epoxy floors, but the most popular of them are solid epoxy resin because sometimes just a simple scheme can help a house to be more beautiful. Also, it is cheaper than other models. Furthermore, the floor with some special scheme is also popular. For example, ocean design and river design are two designs that have more fans. these designs make a natural view of the floor, which means they can boost the beauty of a house. Assuming a river design on the floor, you can imagine that you stay in nature.

Epoxy Floor| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

Benefits and Drawbacks of Epoxy Floor




Easy Repairability




Slippery while it is moisture

It is cold when you do not wear shoes

It needs time to become dried and hardenΒ 

Hard and long installation


Customers can utilize it everywhere in their houses such as the floor of their dining room, living room, bedroom and restroom. Moreover, it can be used at the office place to make an office chicer. The other use of epoxy floors can be on the floor of factories, malls, cafΓ©, restaurant and so on.

Furthermore, one of the uses of epoxy tables is on the floor of sports salons such as basketball and volleyball, badminton and so on. The floor of these games is so sensitive and has direct consequence of the efficiency of players. Consequently, the epoxy floors would probably be useful for such floors.

Epoxy Floor| Epoxy Table| Almas Turkey

Installation Process

This process begins when we check the floor to be known whether this floor is appropriate for epoxy resin or not. Next, the floor should be cleaned and then install the epoxy floor by expert workers.


Epoxy resin has revolutionized the industry of making floors thanks to various models it has. Customers can design their homes or offices using epoxy floors.

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